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I’m having terrible trouble uploading pictures here…. so I will have to make do with only one, see how much I can squeeze in. So little moi in my flea-market finest negligee, gorgeous M&S vintage slip, and a crochet cardi for the total of 2 pounds, and my latest Guns memorabilia a 1985 Australian bootleg double LP, with pictures on which Axl looks like Melanie Griffith in her Working girl period, complete with pink lipstick, blusher and gravity defying backcombing. FASCINATING! What is it I like so much about him??? Oh, and just look at that ring on my right hand? I now have the TRIGGER!

Update: the consensus seems to be that I should have a fag in one hand, both to go with the mood of the picture, also as homage to the boys who would never be seen without one. And perhaps a bottle of JackieD to hand too ๐Ÿ˜‰

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you might be wondering by now, as it was all dandelion (pitypang) prettiness so far, so here you are the other side of K. I took my Tshirts down to the beach to be photographed, nobody bat an eyelid this is Brighton after all ๐Ÿ˜‰ The Bowie Diamond Dogs T was this weeks flea market find, the other two are from Ebay. Please note the amazing detail on the black Guns T, Axl’s facial expression, boxer shorts (?) and his finger in a very typical position. As for the music I attached a video with more testosterone on stage than inย Mr. Stallone’s urine sample in his peak days. Enjoy!

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