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I bought these on Etsy (where else? I AM green you know, most of my purchases come from Etsy, Ebay Charity shops or the amazing Brighton Boot Fare – Sundays at the Train Station) aren’t they lovely? And how PERFECTLY they would go with Vintage Vacations Duster Coat….. Now there is a though ;-). The boot fare was a great success yesterday, I spent all of 10 quid for about 6 items, in time when I have the chance to take pictures of them I’ll show you too. Till then, enjoy the pretty Day Tripper earrings by Singing Sky:

And an image I took on the boot fare on a previous day…. This guy is selling off a whole haberdashery factory’s back-stock, AMAZING stuff!



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As captured by the lovely Jahnut!

It’s such a buzz to get onto the frontpage of Etsy(for those who don’t know it……are there folks out there reading me who DON’T???…so Etsy is a wonderful platform for handmade goodness where I sell my creations, and found a lovely bunch of guys too) great happiness for my friend’s and a little smugness as it might just mean that I actually managed to put 12 items I like together in an aesthetically pleasing collection! Enjoy!


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So yesterday I bought this month’s Mare Claire (UK edition). I sort of wish I hadn’t. It’s the “green issue” encouraging all of us to be green-concius when buying fasion. It recommends Stella McCartney, John Smedley and some other very exclusive (ie. expensive) brands some of which are entirely organic/green/sweatshop-free, some only have green sub-lines. As for people who cannot AFFORD the high end the only recommendation was buy in Charity Shops, and customise. Great. I’m into fashion, and do a lot of creative work apart from my hatlings too, but surely we cannot expect people to ALL go down that route? I felt that Etsy with it’s hand made ethics would have been such a fittingly good example and also affordable for all of us. Surely we cannot hope for the word to go green if being green is the privilage of the wealthy? Anyway, sorry for ranting 😉 Here is an amazing example of the greenest of Etsy sellers, Vintage Vacations  is based on the Isle of Wight and makes the most amazing, funky clothes of vintage fabrics, even upcycling vintage table linen. I just adore her style, and the caravans too 😉 Duster Coat

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