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Recently I have been on a bit of a cooking bender, not that I normally don’t cook, but somehow, with the situation at home being so funny (sometimes ha-ha,  mostly strange) I found an outlet in developing few new dishes. Many times now repetead has been my version of kimchi pork, moroccan lamb tagine and today after a long time I’m cooking my beloved garlic-rosemary chicken again. For the latter I’m using the poshest of chickens, from Selfriges no less, “corn fed chicken supremes” (by the way, why don’t they usually sell this cut – enough for a human being, or is it just me feeling  dis-satisfied by just one TIT????) for those not familiar with this it’s mostly a chicken breast with skin on and the upper tigh still attached – bone in, a great combination of lovely clean breast meat and juicy tigh! They DID cost a bomb, but they look lovely I hope they will taste the same.

Recipies as follows (this is for folks who cook regularily, should anyone need elaboration pleaase ask):

Kimchi pork:

Fry up some not too lean pork, sliced very thin or cubed in toasted sesame oil, when coloured add the same amount of mat kimchi (widely available from Asian supermarkets, this super tasty fermented cabbage-garlic-chilli pickle is addictive!) fry some more, add enough water to cover, add dashi or stock cube (I only use kallo’s organic non MSG version which seems silly when cooking asian food, there is a Korean version of dashi, but I cannot be bothered to buy it just for this one dish….. ) add some oyster mushrooms (my addition, seems to work a treat)  and cook till the pork is tender, add some chopped spring onions cook couple of minutes, and VOILA ready, eat with sticky rice. Traditionally the more fermented the kimchi the better the dish is, but I say it’s a treat anyhow. Original recipes include a pepper paste and some minced garlic, but the kimchi I buy seem to have these already included so I don’t bother.

to be continued!

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