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you might be wondering by now, as it was all dandelion (pitypang) prettiness so far, so here you are the other side of K. I took my Tshirts down to the beach to be photographed, nobody bat an eyelid this is Brighton after all 😉 The Bowie Diamond Dogs T was this weeks flea market find, the other two are from Ebay. Please note the amazing detail on the black Guns T, Axl’s facial expression, boxer shorts (?) and his finger in a very typical position. As for the music I attached a video with more testosterone on stage than in Mr. Stallone’s urine sample in his peak days. Enjoy!

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I bought these on Etsy (where else? I AM green you know, most of my purchases come from Etsy, Ebay Charity shops or the amazing Brighton Boot Fare – Sundays at the Train Station) aren’t they lovely? And how PERFECTLY they would go with Vintage Vacations Duster Coat….. Now there is a though ;-). The boot fare was a great success yesterday, I spent all of 10 quid for about 6 items, in time when I have the chance to take pictures of them I’ll show you too. Till then, enjoy the pretty Day Tripper earrings by Singing Sky:

And an image I took on the boot fare on a previous day…. This guy is selling off a whole haberdashery factory’s back-stock, AMAZING stuff!



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