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Recently I have been on a bit of a cooking bender, not that I normally don’t cook, but somehow, with the situation at home being so funny (sometimes ha-ha,  mostly strange) I found an outlet in developing few new dishes. Many times now repetead has been my version of kimchi pork, moroccan lamb tagine and today after a long time I’m cooking my beloved garlic-rosemary chicken again. For the latter I’m using the poshest of chickens, from Selfriges no less, “corn fed chicken supremes” (by the way, why don’t they usually sell this cut – enough for a human being, or is it just me feeling  dis-satisfied by just one TIT????) for those not familiar with this it’s mostly a chicken breast with skin on and the upper tigh still attached – bone in, a great combination of lovely clean breast meat and juicy tigh! They DID cost a bomb, but they look lovely I hope they will taste the same.

Recipies as follows (this is for folks who cook regularily, should anyone need elaboration pleaase ask):

Kimchi pork:

Fry up some not too lean pork, sliced very thin or cubed in toasted sesame oil, when coloured add the same amount of mat kimchi (widely available from Asian supermarkets, this super tasty fermented cabbage-garlic-chilli pickle is addictive!) fry some more, add enough water to cover, add dashi or stock cube (I only use kallo’s organic non MSG version which seems silly when cooking asian food, there is a Korean version of dashi, but I cannot be bothered to buy it just for this one dish….. ) add some oyster mushrooms (my addition, seems to work a treat)  and cook till the pork is tender, add some chopped spring onions cook couple of minutes, and VOILA ready, eat with sticky rice. Traditionally the more fermented the kimchi the better the dish is, but I say it’s a treat anyhow. Original recipes include a pepper paste and some minced garlic, but the kimchi I buy seem to have these already included so I don’t bother.

to be continued!

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I’m so tired these days, might be the long dragged out winter, lack of vitamines, extra pressure at work well the emotional rollercoaster at home isn’t much helpful either. Enter some lovely sloe gin, and a rare picture of Axl in full pirate gear (are we sure Jack Sparrow was based on Keith Richards????) to calm my nerves and make me smile respectively

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those shoes ;-)

wow, what a surprise to see these babies on the Sartorialist!

Sachi will be pleased!

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Those lovely folks!

I had some super write-ups recently, they always slightly surprise me (I mean these are people who actually like my work enough to write about it ;-)) and make me very-very happy. One of these were in the Etsy Storque Spotlight, written by the lovely Nathan, this one being perhaps the most significant for me personally as what he seems to see in my work is what I wanted to project, in other words he actually talks in the name of my imagined target market. I did some very basic branding courses, and one of the questions always was “who is your customer?”. When you think about it it’s not that easy, but one of the most important questions you will have to ask yourself as a designer/seller. I imagine my customer being young (whether it’s in years or at heart, doesn’t matter ;-))) funky, with a strong sense of style, who doesn’t mind standing out, and wants to wear unique pieces. And he just sort of reassured me that they are out there. Now I just need to reach them!

I’ve got some other lovely mentions by Nadine of the gorgeous shop The Sea Within, by Lola Smalls Darling at funky Comeupkids, and by our very own super-talented Bunny. I will be listing all the links in a separate section soon. Thank you LOVELY PEOPLE!

Esty Storque Spotlight Article

Rare Bird Finds

Come Up Kids Atlanta

The Hoarding of Bunny

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Now taking orders…

I don’t know if the Sunday market can get ANY better then this. But I must not go again. UNLESS>>> of course any of you fancies something amazing from these pictures, and asks me NICELY to go! For example this gorgeous Victorian bridal head-dress made of delicate vaxy petals.  Then these lovely bundles of central European stamps, just because they are nice and cheap 50p for 100. Or all the haberdashery goodness this old factory had to offer. French olive oil soap anybody? How about the slightly spooky dolls? Or the vintage tin chocolate (?) moulds?

BTW: this post was made possible by my friend Zsuzsa of ZsBCreations, who finally showed me the way to upload more then 1 picture without hair-loss (due to me tearing it out in my frustration) using this little gem: http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/. Thank you!!!! I can still be a rock-chick!!!

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I’m having terrible trouble uploading pictures here…. so I will have to make do with only one, see how much I can squeeze in. So little moi in my flea-market finest negligee, gorgeous M&S vintage slip, and a crochet cardi for the total of 2 pounds, and my latest Guns memorabilia a 1985 Australian bootleg double LP, with pictures on which Axl looks like Melanie Griffith in her Working girl period, complete with pink lipstick, blusher and gravity defying backcombing. FASCINATING! What is it I like so much about him??? Oh, and just look at that ring on my right hand? I now have the TRIGGER!

Update: the consensus seems to be that I should have a fag in one hand, both to go with the mood of the picture, also as homage to the boys who would never be seen without one. And perhaps a bottle of JackieD to hand too 😉

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Happy days

This lovely dress arrived from Ebay just yesterday. I actually missed bidding for it, contacted the seller and she kindly put it on for me buy-it-now. What a BARGAIN! Perfect for such hot days, fingers crossed for more of those! I’m also wearing a belt designed and made by my friend Alex Herdman, the owner of Last Footwear an amazing shoe and general gorgeousness shop in Brighton. This belt is one of those classic, quirky pieces looking good with everything and aging beautifully, the leaves sort of opened up giving it a more organic shape. She also sells shoes by some small independent designers like original US based Cydwoq – I bought a pair of sandals by them last year, a whole new experience in footwear!!! and shoes by Julia Lundstein of Finsk for the lovers of sculptural heels. Bags too, my personal favourite being Brighton based Neoma. Alex is happy to do mail-order on most designs, the lovely gal she is 😉 Check them out, because they are small, ethical, and all those things we should be aiming for, or perhaps just because they are lovely. Shoe/bag addicts beware!!!                                                   

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